S30.world workshop

About us

Enthusiast for enthusiasts, that’s the best way you can describe S30.world.

In 2019 we, Gustav Oplasnik and Chris Visscher, decided to join forces. Both loving S30’s. the goal was clear, creating our own ultimate S30. Everybody who knows us can tell you about our passion for these cars.
After some discussion the path was chosen: Back to basics. First thing was to learn again every single detail of the car and to build S30’s for almost 100% “as they left the factory”. By doing this we realized how good an S30 is that is completely stock.

Ability to build a 100% correct “as it left the factory” car.

Great help were the several original first paint cars we have in our private S30 collection, and not to forget the large amount of project cars that always are in stock of S30.world. After 50 years it is very hard to decide what is original on a car or not, so without this and the help from other people we couldn’t do it. We have contacts in the USA, Japan, Lithuania, the UK and all over the Globe .

But real knowledge you only get by taking them apart with your own hands, and compare with other cars, and that really makes the difference. And of course the NOS parts tell us how parts were made. As the first paint cars from our own collection and our project cars help us also to see and decide what was stock or not.


A big challenge is the availability of parts, that’s why we started production of things like the stock fuel tanks and thing like the 2 piece door rubber that were on the first +/- 100.000 cars. And we will keep looking for possibilities to supply parts that nobody produces. We have also Z-friends in Europe that have very good contacts and help us now and then.


We also make upgrades and work together with specialists from all over Europe to create our ultimate Z. Our plan is to keep building “as it left the factory cars”, alongside we will continue building the custom cars. We have just finished our hydraulic power steering project and soon will offer a complete kit. We developed a hydraulic power-steering, to make it possible to enjoy driving it as it should be. Electric power-steering often gives a dead feeling in the steering. Weight is always a factor, and the air-conditioning solution we are working on is small, very effective, invisible and easy to maintain.

The S30.world project car stock

In the project car stock there are many very early 240Z’s, the earliest one we have available for restoration and sale is HLS30-00022. We think we have the world’s biggest choice in 1969 production cars and cars produced for the EU. Please check our list with project cars.


We have a track-record of restoring about 50 Datsuns 240 and 280 in the last 5 years, making us one of the most experienced restoration shops in the world.

About the company S30.world

It’s based in Utrecht and Budapest. In Utrecht we are only 30 minutes from Amsterdam Airport. There we have our showroom, parts storage and project car storage. In our showroom you will find of course restored S30’s but also several first paint Datsun 240Z’s. In Budapest the bodywork, most of the restoration and assembly takes place. Some components like engines and upholstery are mostly done in The Netherlands.