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Enthausiast for enthausiasts. That’s what you can call S30World. Everybody knows the owners of S30World. Gustav and Chris can tell you all about their passion for these cars. S30World has a trackrecord of restoring about 50 Datsuns 240s and 280s in the last 5 years, this makes us one of the most experienced S30 / Datsun 240Z restorers all over the world. We have the largest selection of original and restored Datsun 240Z cars, here you will find our new stock soon.

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Enthousiast for enthousiasts. Thats what you can call S30.world. Everybody knows the owners of S30.world. Gustzav and Chris can tell you all about their passion for these cars. S30.world has a trackrecord of restoring about 50 Datsuns 240 and 280 in the last 5 years, this makes us one of the most experienced S30 / Datsun 240Z restores all over the world. We have the largest selection of original and restored Datsun 240Z cars, view the current stock here.

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