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We already offer a fuel tank for the Datsun 240Z. You can find this fuel tank over here. We have received many requests to adapt our fuel tank to other versions of the S30 world family. We have listened to these requests and will expand our collection.

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We are happy to announce that we will produce more variations of S30 fuel tanks, including 77/78 280Z tanks.

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Nissan introduced the Nissan Fairlady Z for the Japan domestic market, In the rest of the world they were called Datsun 240Z. The right hand cars had the typecode HS30-XXXXX and the left handdrive cars HLS30-XXXXX. The only Japanese version the Z432 had the typecode PS30-xxxxxx. The 260’s and their JDMsistercars had a type code GRLS and GRS. Later the 2,8 engines had again HLSand HS in the type code. So they all had S30″ in common. That is why a lot of people speak about S30’s. Almost 95% of the parts for these cars are the same.

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